The Royal Court

The King

Supreme authority in all GASP decisions (with the help of the official GASP Seer). Responsible for flogging peasants and pleasing the queen.

Don McCalmon

Ohio Twp, PA

The Bard

If it’s good music and fine dancing you came to see, sorry to disappoint you. Our bard couldn’t hold a tune if it came in a basket! But he does make us laugh, and does a fine job organizing all his little puppet shows. Though it seems everytime he plans a show, it’s the rest of the Royal Court that ends up tied to the strings.

Dan Cetorelli

Pittsburgh, PA

The Scribe

The resident GASP geek. Responsible for all club communications, including the newsletter. Also responsible for the creation of advertisements for the club. It also seems to require the consumption of a lot of beer, but it’s not yet clear why that is.

Jim Robertson

Scott Twp, PA

The Guildmaster

Someone has to paint all the tapestries adorning the Royal Castle, and we were able to ‘convince’ Stan to take the job. Actually, he owes a large debt to the Tax Collector, seeing as he spent all his money on small hunks of lead. We figure he’ll be working for a good 10 years before he’s free and clear. Also responsible for website updates and securing Knighthood benefits.

Stan Mamula

Oakmont, PA

The Royal Brewmaster

Importing brew from other kingdoms was sapping the King’s coffer, so the court decided to appoint a brewmaster to keep the Scribe and the Minister well supplied. Marty also orders pizza at Game Days and is the muscle to keep the peasants in line.

Marty Miller

Forest Hills, PA

The Minister of Propaganda

The people must love their rulers, and it’s John’s job to make sure we’re WELL loved. If the peasants become restless, it’s his fault! Also assumes responsibility for coding the website.

John Timberlake

Conway, PA

The Royal Constable

At first the Royal Constable was in charge of the royal livestock, but that did not go well. today he is charged with defense of the castle and has a spotless record. The occasional sheep comes up missing but we tend to look the other way.

Curt Collins

The Royal Seneschal

When it comes to matter of the castle, the buck stops here. The Royl Senschal is in charge of all domestic arrangements and the administration of the servants. Don’t get on his bad side because we also put him in charge of putting out justice.

Paul Petersen

The Royal Assassin

The peasants were becoming restless, and what better way to keep them in line than to bump a few of them off. Spade did such a tremendous job at this that the king appointed him to his court. Although he is retired from assassinations (as far as we know), he is still an important court member because he provides a home for our web site.

Todd Moular (a.k.a. Spade)

Pittsburgh, PA

The Tax Collector

For those tournaments and other events that actually involve money, the Tax Collector will be responsible for collecting the money and keeping it in a ceramic pig. Of course, not many things involve any cash right now, so this is a pretty simple job…but the peasant girls still dig him.

Dave Hartman

North Hills, PA

The Seer

The position of Seer is a closely guarded secret, and the identity of the true Seer is only known by the highest officials of the kingdom. The Seer is responsible for assisting the King in the most important club decisions.