Web Links

These are links to various companies and organizations in the gaming industry.

Board Game Designers Forum

Dedicated to the process of game design

Board Game Geek

Serving the board game hobby since January 2000

Board Game Search

Great tool for board game price comparison

Boardgame Players Association (BPA)

Host of the World Boardgaming Championships every August in Lancaster, PA

Boulder Games

Online retailer

Casual Players Alliance

Site for casual players of Magic: The Gathering

Circle of Swords

Gaming Club based in Butler, PA

Columbia Games

Block wargames such as Hammer of the Scots & Wizard Kings

Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

Dedicated to bringing gamers together in Central Ohio

Days of Wonder

Makers of Memoir 44, Ticket to Ride, and others

Dungeons & Dragons

The game that started it all… still going strong after all of these years

Essen International Games Fair

Largest gaming convention in the world

Eye Level Entertainment

Makers of Nature of the Beast expandable card game

Fair Play Games

Online retailer

Fantasy Flight Games

Makers of Twilight Imperium, War of the Ring, and more

Funagain Games

Online retailer

The Game Report

Dedicated to board, card, dice, party, family, and strategy games

Game Surplus

Online retailer

The Games Journal

Monthly online game magazine


Online retailer

Games Club of Maryland

Gaming Club


Daily news blog

The Gaming Report

Where gamers get their news

Gen Con

The self-proclaimed best four days in gaming

Hill’s Wholesale Gaming

Online retailer

Mayfair Games

Makers of Settlers of Catan, Tigris & Euphrates, and others

Mystical Empire

Collectible Card Game

Origins International Game Expo

Origins is one of the largest game conventions in North America


Pittsburgh’s premiere science fiction organization

Pittsburgh Iron Legion

Miniatures gaming club

Pittsburgh Role-Players Academy

Role-players looking for other gamers in the area

Pittsburgh RPGA

The local chapter of the Role-Playing Games Association

Privateer Press

Makers of Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms RPG

Rio Grande Games

Publisher of some of the finest family strategy board and card games

RPG d20

Great source for your d20 needs

RPG Gateway

A search engine for RPG links

RPG Junction

Role Playing Community

SCAR (Steel City Autoduel Rampage)

CarWars site by a fellow GASP member


A parody web site about board games and card games

3rd Edition

Everything Dungeons & Dragons and d20

Thought Hammer

Online retailer

Time Well Spent

Online retailer


The best games you’ve never heard of

Wizards of the Coast

Magic, D&D, Star Wars CCG, and more

Z-Man Games

Games are our business and our pleasure